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I play Final Fantasy XIV alongside RS3  


I don't quite think about it the largest, although tick rate is the most basic problem. The biggest problems, I think, are at the center gameplay: specifically the controllers (both movement and battle ). Click-to-move (and by extension, the tile program ) is my biggest gripe with RS07 Gold's core gameplay. It makes motion feel clunky, and since both motion and targeting are performed through the mouse, so it creates moving through enemies and precise positioning more frustrating than it otherwise could be, and normally makes combat less fluid and more instinctive than I'd need it to be. Now move on a gameworld is a pipe-dream for RS3, but I'd be remiss if I didn't bring it up.

That's one of those things that simply will not change because if you remove the stage and click aspect you eliminate one of the most basic elements of RuneScape. I think that it would be good to have WASD as an option, but by eliminating click movement 18, people would be pissed off. I'll be frank though, I utilised to mouse movement because of RuneScape that I can not adjust to WASD on other MMOs anymore. I play Final Fantasy XIV alongside RS3 and that I removed motion in favor of complete mouse movement and max sensitivity camera. It feels better to me I can move and use skills with a gaming mouse. My point being that choices are great, but people who invested so much time studying the system would be outcasted by eliminating it.

As a temporary remedy, can we get any f2p worlds if nothing else? Even during times every world besides world world has significantly less 150 players on it, and 3 tick delay is almost dropped since hardly any of their content is even affected. There are 19 f2p British worlds which aren't legacy only, if you choose 10 of these and repurpose for associates, there could be 18k f2pers on line simultaneously before there's a waiting list. Ie theoretically reducing people of the others by a bit over 10% not to mention you would bring the p2p english worlds from 85-95.

Not to mention, in doing this, new players may see there are far more people about the f2p worlds and also be more prone to play a game that appears to be very popular and full, and f2p players that desire it to be crowded might pull out a charge card and eventually get that subscription they've been contemplating. I like this thought, it wouldnt be a solution, but it might help somewhat. Quite workable now that there is competition for funds than in osrs f2p.

I enjoy the tick speed for the very same reasons you despise it. Can recover an actions I forget to carry out as long as it's within the time period offered by rs's tick rate. But yeah everything else I agree with, especially the shit servers buy RS3 gold. I wanted to start learning Telos but doing Vindicta with these servers is a garbage encounter. I'll still get mid 30s-low 40s kills but because these servers are amazingly shit when there's more than 200 ppl are in a 35, I have to spam my binds and clicks.


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