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China Waterproofing And Coating  


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Js flexible waterproof material
Js flexible waterproof coating is a eco-friendly waterproof coating composed of polymer emulsion, ultra-fine quartz sand, cement and other additives.
It has advantages of good construction workability, multi-component copolymerization, advanced technology, seamless construction, good overall performance, ventilate, impermeable, excellent adhesion, Prevent hollowing, Freezing-thawing resisting, wide scope of use(dry and wet base layers both work), short curing time, saving time and effort.
This product is widely used in both indoor and outdoor waterproofing projects such as toilets, kitchens, balconies, drinking fountains.
Our technical department will provide different high-efficiency application overall construction plans according to different customer requirements.

The coating is tough and resistant to cracking. Waterproof and not leakage.
Good construction workability .
Suitable for various construction base.

Usage and dosage:
The base layer requires flat, solid, no clear water and no structural defects before construction. The convex and concave angles where people usually take large amount of activities can be treated with reinforcement materials.  If the surface layer has sanding phenomenon, it is recommended to use a waterproof primer to roll it over.
For Intermittent moisture proof and waterproof treatment, it is recommended to make the coating thickness greater than 1 mm.
For the places such as the bathroom and eaves where is large amount of water in a short time ,.it is suggested to make coating thickness  greater than 1.5mm.
The reservoir type places, the coating thickness is better greater than 2mm (Coating thickness is proportional to the number of rolling times).
Pour the group A emulsion into a clean empty bucket, add the group B powder and stir evenly at low speed, and cook for 5 minutes to roll.Each bucket can brush area of 15m2 ~ 18m2.
The second time coating is best applied after the first time coating dry. The brushing direction is better cross-over the first time brushing direction, in this way can compensate for the uneven coating problem caused by the first brushing gesture.
When the ambient average temperature is 25 ° C, the coating interval is 6 hour. when temperature is below 10 ° C , interval time is recommended for 12 hour.

Packing specification:
18KG/barrel (A group lotion + B group dry powder = 6KG + 12KG)China Waterproofing And Coating
website: http://www.groutmaterial.com/waterproofing-and-coating/


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