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I doubt that would be possible at OSRS since such a huge rework  


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09/07/2020 3:13 am  

Alternately, take the RS3 path and create the materials difficult to acquire/unreadable (comparable to crystal shards). I am not going RS gold take some opportunity to flesh out a smithing rework in a Reddit comment for 6 upvotes. They had been reworking the entire process, so they might have just greatly reduced the opportunity to make items so instead of 1000s of platebodies per hour, you could make like just one or two dozen. Nevertheless, I doubt that would be possible at OSRS since such a huge rework into the skill's process would not really match RuneScape, but neither would shifting alch costs and rebalancing 100s of drop tables.

Reg. Tmw reqs materials rewarded with bossing (RotS and Nex), therefore it's still a costly purchase. But upkeep for it's cheap when you custom-fit it (becomes more perma untradable and just repaired using the tradable and smithable reg. masterwork.) Most of the armour in both games is dps gear, it boosts damage. With the exception of masterwork, that's the new BiS melee gear in RS3, all the equipment made with smithing is purely defensive and gives no harm bonus, so stuff like Bandos or Void are still the only source of dps equipment. Hell, even masterwork requires breaking a full pair of Torva and Malev, the two preceding BiS sets, so as to upgrade its stats beyond just being a pair of Malev that does not degrade to dust.

I'd say reworks are what RS3 does best. It's just that not all reworks go nicely. RS3 is much more focused on reinventing what is there to be modern and its new fashion, but that can alienate RuneScape players that enjoy it for what it was. If the OSRS Team was prepared to handle something as colossal as a Smithing rework, it may pass a poll... Depends how far they would need to change and what their solutions would be actually. Although some RuneScape players could oppose it no matter just because transferring stuff to lower levels would not feel right for OSRS to them.

Well, they did mention enhancing the new RuneScape player experience lately, and I certainly think a smithing rework goes hand-in-hand with this. Put yourself in the shoes of a new RuneScape participant interested in using the smithing skill to make his equipment. Sure he may be able to do so before adamantite but then, he's essentially seeking to devote 40-60m to earn T40 armor. I feel like that simply sends a message to fresh RuneScape players that certain skills just don't have significant advancement, sometimes you simply do them so you don't need to anymore.

I'd love to see it revamped, but is it accomplished? More importanly how do you make it pass? It's possible to shift runite (way/slightly) down and reintroduce current armour into their appropriate, now empty, levels. Update like this offers you oportunity to perform minor gear rebalance. Publish tier that comes from skilling which competes with BIS and BIS dropped equipment. Make it untradeable master-smithed grade (and I mean made from various kinds of resources), so it is pain in the ass to get and won't be botted which will tank rates. A minigame, something such as a skilling raid in which you have to use several skills in non combat way. I would like to begin crafting collectively with smithing used. Perhaps even a crafting/smithing channel in cheap RuneScape gold your house (some tiers private only). Maybe some bits of it could, although Obviously it does not look OSRS like and could not pass.


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