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They could have waited a week or two for it to blow over and released it afterward  


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09/07/2020 3:14 am  

Absolutely true the contrast between the two is more the vitriol thrown round in founders along with the offender that goes with it. On the Mut 20 coins other hand for comics it meant individuals not going to stores and instead either not entering the hobby or trying to electronic sources to avert the shitheads which is much easier to do than it's using Madden NFL unless you only play singleplayer. Other part is that (at least from my small experience with comics) people blame DC/Marvel more frequently (after all, they command the IP), while in sport dev it is usually the developer taking it.

Who cares why they're doing this, can we respect that they're doing something? I imagine they already sent media coverage stuff to different books in preparation of launch that trailer, and rather they are probably spending a great deal of time sending emails to state they are delaying it. Seeing a great deal Well nothing is being done by them. To that, I'll just reply, they could still be doing less by simply softly pushing back any proposed trailer reveals, and that this is still a business twitter which means somebody had to find the tweet approved on some level, which means someone did something. It is not a great deal, but... Still something.

They are like, not doing anything. Some art guy somewhere spent 15 minutes putting platitudes on a black background and they tweeted out it. I have seen a dozen of these and it is about as easy as putting on the rainbow icons for pleasure. By trying to appear sympathetic, it's advertising. Maybe, but I think it's something. Were people freaking out about it. The one I liked the most was,"But movie Madden NFL are a perfect distraction for stressful times such as these!" Those people probably don't give a shit about Madden anyway, when you say you would like a distraction while half the country is are protesting, it kinda makes you look like a dick.

But police brutality and NFL are two topics that have been intertwined with each other last few years because of all the protests. Perhaps it is going to help knock some sense into somebody. Otherwise, maybe it is going to piss them off, I am fine with this also, because fuck em. And they also might have achieved nothing. They could have waited a week or two for it to blow over and released it afterward. This way gets the message out there, even if they've business motives that are absurd, it is better than nothing.

They could have just quietly made no statement and sent hundreds of mails out to the media stating they were delaying the day that they were officially releasing the trailer. That tweet also had to get approval from some people high up. Sure they can do more, but they certainly could do less. Maybe this paves the way for more gaming firms making political statements? Lot of announcements that were larger planned for this week if this doesn't have a cheap Madden 20 coins resolution.


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