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Warriors who will not tank - I am a warrior  


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20/08/2020 12:49 am  

This dumbass NA gamerdad reddit meme needs to die, superior healers can stay informed about rambo tanks and tapping on warlocks, this was accurate in leveling greens, and wow classic gold especially today. Dear Warlocks, please play to your potential, it's the job as the support to accommodate the speed of dps & tanks. If you can see they are not able to keep up, or worse, show themselves as noobies by blaming you for life tapping, then you can chill, just know if the healer isn't maintaining they're usually the ones misplaying.

I'm a bank sitter. The hateful glares the peasant folk give when they're walking below is what fuels me. You understand there's perfection in picking out the right equipment to impress. Should I put the timbermaw trinket that is exalted in my first trinket slot? Or instead agm to frighten the pvp'ers, even more so because I don't pvp. Another trinket slot of cause is DFT, what else could royalty decorate themselves? Who needs a BiS cloak once it is possible to wear an Epic raid thing that just shines in white and gold luxury, yes I'm talking about you my lovely Cloak of Shrouded Mists.

Shadow Bolt isn't terribly efficient and generally has to be utilized often in instances because most elites do not continue long enough for their DOTs to issue. In addition they cannot make their own water. As a healer, I tell them to proceed and Life Tap as needed, but I let them know that in the midst of combat, my attention is on the tank primarily and I will not drain my mana to keep his mana pool up. Outside of combat, they could go nuts as long as I have enough mana for the coming battles and my soul regen is maintaining up.

That having been said, who the hell puts a linen cloth on the AH? lol. This way, they are in a central place and can keep an eye on the LFG channels to see whether there's any dungeon runs popping up in Puggle that they may be interested in. Hey now! Leave those bad piggies alone. They are living a good life being a hunter pet instead of somebody's meal.

Warriors who will not tank - I am a warrior. This is literally the ONE thing our course can do a rogue can not, and they've better threat management for dps. Additionally, WOW Classic hunters rolling vs melee dps on weapons. WOW Classic hunters have the worst climbing in buy classic wow gold, meaning Stat stick is much more useful on literally anyone else. And it isn't just a stat stick when a melee dps is utilizing it. Sometimes, that new weapon would create the melee player to modify their entire spec.


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